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Nashville Private Yoga & Holistic Nutrition

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Private yoga sessions available in Nashville & holistic health coaching available by Skype and email

Waller McInnes, holistic nutritionist & yoga therapist, 500 hour E-RYT


Waller is a trained professional yoga therapist who works with men and women to correct posture, improve balance and align their muscoloskeletal and nervous system for optimum flow. Waller has been practicing yoga for seventeen years and teaching for ten years. Her sessions combine vinyasa and therapeutic yoga with meditation, pilates and somatics, in addition to holistic nutrition for holistic mind-body transformation. Call to book a yoga therapy session in Nashville or email to inquire for travel bookings or holistic nutrition by email or Skype.

615. 618 6556

skype name: createradiance

twitter: @createradiance


“I have been practicing yoga with waller for 5+ years. her practice has helped me through many phases of life, 2 pregnancies, stress related body issues, seasonal changes and general health coaching. with each session she shares her knowledge of yoga as well as other health tips. her classes are the highlight of my week always bringing something new and unexpected whether it is a new stretch for a specific issue or a food/health tip.” – LD

“Waller’s yoga classes are every bit as ambrosial, divine and gratifying as her culinary skills. Her yin classes are deeply restorative and healing to body and spirit. Waller is a goddess who holistically helps people feel their very best.” – DS


Create Radiance Healthstyles – the ultimate personal chef experience

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When you come home to a hungry household after a busy working day, what is better than to have the pleasure of enjoying a customized, expertly-prepared meal in the comfort of your home or delivered to your doorstep? When you use Create Radiance custom personal chef services, we cater to your unique eating style, whether gourmet, Paleo, anti-inflammatory, vegetarian, vegan, and it is always as local as possible and as healthful as you desire. After a consultation to determine your tastes, dietary needs, goals and budget, Create Radiance shops, prepares, packages and delivers meals prepared to your exact specifications. You enjoy.

Create Radiance custom personal chef services provides the following benefits:

  • Personal Wellness. Create Radiance uses the best, all-natural, fresha nd organic ingredients. Meals are prepared for any specific dietary requirements and health goals. If you are wanting to slim down, reduce sugar, balance food with a busy lifestlye, or simply eat more healthfully, Create Radiance makes it simple and accessible.
  • Simplicity. Whole foods prepared to balance your whole body and life with the rhythms of the seasons and your life.
  • Convenience. Chef and food arrives, depending on if you would like delivery or in-home cooking. Kitchen is left cleaner than it was found. All ingredients are brought to you. Just in time for supper for one, two or party of a few. In the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Reverence for the planet. All ingredients are produced without chemicals or hormones. No factory-farmed meats. Everything sourced locally and regionally when possible. Even the packaging is recyclable and carefully chosen.

What could be easier than having your food prepared with your life and health in mind?

Contact Create Radiance today and experience the pleasures of gourmet in-home dining or the party of your life.

(615) 618-6556

Create Radiance Lifestyle Company

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Create Radiance is a whole life wellness company based out of Nashville, TN, providing the following services:

  • Vegan, paleo, gluten and dairy free personal chef services
  • Pop-up brunches and tea parties
  • Healthy Snacks and Desserts
  • Cooking classes for adults and children
  • Yoga therapy
  • Yoga pop-up classes for in-home or at work or community function
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Energy Work

Our location is in the Sylvan Height neighborhood, but we travel too! Email inquiries to


Desk Food

I am not one to eat alongside reading or doing anything other than sharing good company, but while incubating a cookbook, the rules of conscious eating are being broken. I have a goal to write five to eight pages a day and am surprised by how much content is coming through to make this a relatively easeful and enlightening process. Have been saying for maybe five years this was coming soon or Christmas of each year as it passes, and this time there is no deadline, it is being done. I am using it as a challenge towards achieving a goal as well as practice towards other things on my bucket list which require internal processes.

Sharing one of the recipes with you dear ones today. This book is more of a methodology of cooking, along with the anthropological implications of how, why and what we cook. It sounds really complicated and like Michael Pollan’s complex intellect would be involved ( Cooked by the way is awesome), however it is more of a dumbed-down version of any chef book on how to make whole foods taste delicious and work with the body’s need for balance as well as how to set up your kitchen so the process flows.

A super simple + healthy afternoon snack….

Maple Roasted Walnuts atop Sauteed Cinnamon Apples

yields 4 servings

  • 2 apples
  • 2 t coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 t lemon zest
  • 1 cup walnut pieces
  • 2 T maple syrup
  • pinch of sea salt

Thinly slice apples. Mix in with cinnamon and lemon zest and set aside.
Heat coconut oil in pan over medium for a minute. Place apples with cinnamon onto skillet and stir to coat with oil. Saute for two minutes and flip, stirring gently to cover with oil. Let cook until the apples are soft and fragrant.

Preheat a dry skillet over a medium. Add walnuts, maple syrup and salt. Cook, stirring frequently, until syrup caramelizes and nuts are toasted, about 3 minutes. Cool before serving. Place apples in a pan and adorn with caramelized walnuts for a yummy snack.

Nashville Private Chef Services

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Do you live in or are you visiting Nashville, value your health, have a busy lifestyle and prefer locally-sourced food delivered fresh daily or weekly? We provide all of the services needed to have your food prepared and the refrigerator stocked with options ranging from a week’s worth of meals to your daily lunches. Email inquiries to

In Home weekly meal preparation

  • Meals prepared for the week for up to 6 people, and include an entree and side dish.
  • Vegan desserts, raw desserts and healthy guilt-free snacks are available
  • Grocery Shopping included
  • Personalized weekly meal plan based on a health history consultation to support your wellness goals

Meal Delivery

  • Meals delivered to your house once or multiple times per week
  • Vegan, paleo, gluten and dairy free options
  • Personalized menu created weekly

Intimate Dinner or Party at Home
Share a romantic, health supportive and relaxing meal in the comfort of your home with your friend or family.

Catering for small gatherings

Gift Certificates
Give the gift of a personal chef or health coach to someone you care about.

Email pricing and detail inquiries to


Cooking with Soul

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Cooking with Soul is using the natural born force of creativity to heal your energy, body and life. It involves a combination of knowing where your food comes from, having a reverence for who you are cooking for and combining your wisdom of the earth’s natural cycles with an awareness of what your body needs.

With Strength and Reverence

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Latest Blog Post:

I received a voicemail today from my mom who lives a lavishly healthy wintertime lifestyle in Florida: “I just practiced barre3 (workout prgm we’ve both been into lately)! My arms are getting fat, I am getting old. I need to keep up with it three times a week. You must be teaching yoga, or something fun like that.”

FIrst off, nothing breaks my heart more than a woman denying her own body acceptance. I immediately broke down into tears. Notwithstanding the realization that her time is transitory, to know a part of her is not feeling whole, complete and beautiful shreds the inner layers of my being to the core. Outermost thought was “oh no! not my mom, the super, gorgeous, fit, smart woman that every woman loves to know because she emits such grace and happiness.” Then I became aware of oh my, how grateful to have such a role model who may have hidden her insecurities, but she did so with strength and reverence to her beauty. Then a remembrance that there was once a part of me that could not be with what I thought that I was. I could not ever be fit or together enough to feel alright.

The recovery process, from anything that provokes a sense of separation, which comes through a broken relationship, death of a beloved, life transition in which inner resources are not enough to sustain us is lifelong. We go through things so we may become whole. Sometimes wholeness is not being who we thought we were but becoming who we can be which is free from limiting thoughts and beliefs about who we are. Such as the first thirty years of my life having the perfect body and a couple years down the road I barely recognize myself after having practiced with so much vigor and intent to move beyond a childhood eating disorder which wrapped shame around my soul. I now know to the core I am beautiful in every way, not just inside or out and although the outside may be a reflection of the inside, the work is always inside.

I whispered in silence to my mom’s heart: “say what you want to be” (which she has always practiced!). Not always practicing this myself, it was a perfect reminder of the power of affirmations. I have to thank my teacher Tisha Morris for this thought! Also, more reason to remember to love when we see things around us that are not of love, that we go within and feel it for ourselves so that others may remember also. I cry deeply when your heart breaks because we are all simply made of the same thing, and while our experiences are different, we all have access to the beliefs that life can be better, we do not have to struggle, we are meant to enjoy life. If I could transmit sixteen years of recovery through you, I would say, relax, it works out and gets better, but there is work and it is always worth it.

Love is light unto your soul and beauty unto thy heart,


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